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Our story began in 2006. Neraidorama is a wholesale & retail trade company located in Athens, Greece. 
We had an idea to start produce and sell in the wedding market, supplies in multi level prices
on the amount of favors for all kind of money pockets presenting every year, different
beautiful romantic wedding events
wedding favors, designs and supplies.
Early small businesses recognized our conviction and helped us to grow and expand our products and services.
Different kind of crafts and decoration supplies added to our business line start investing in two business fields.
First in tulle and gauze fabric production, and second in laser cut machine.

We produce tulle in 42 colors and cut tulle in many sizes, specially for wedding needs and
oft cotton gauze fabric for any internal or external decoration.
Wooden laser cut charms, boxes etc. for handicraft needs.  
So we made the decision to expand our products internationally in many countries
We cover almost, from all kind of businesses, retailers and individual handicrafts.

In the early 2010s we created a special group team for wedding events decoration needs.
We started fall in love with this beautiful idea, being so creative and meet new happy people at the same time.
Our passion and love for decoration it was actually a fact. It was the ticket for the next succesful events!
We decorate and organize.....
We organize weddings & events in every corner of Greece and beyond.
We invite you, making this happy moment a magical experience journey with us.
We decorate churches, beaches, hotels, banquet halls, houses, bars, beach bars, boats, private wedding estates.
''We create You celebrate"

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