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It is a multi level company with an enormous variety of products and services
in the market of handcraft and decorative supplies.
A beautiful brand with quality products at competitive prices!
A wide quite variety of wedding and christening, handicraft,
children's party supplies, decorative items and much more.

In addition to the availability of our production, we also have the official rights of our trademark name
under licensed registration no (198090) at the Trade Ministry with VAT No EL061488740.
For more than a decade our brand name, product quality and reliability, can ensure
a successful professional career in the beautiful world of wedding and christening events and beyond.

Respect and love for what we have been doing all these years has created a perfect relashionship
and great values ​​with the people we have been working with, creating wonderful extensions and great prospects!!

Here in "Neraidorama" you will immediately emerge into the family
friendly environment, respect, courtesy and good service we provide.
You will also realize the emphasis we put on personal contact with each one of you.
In this way, you will be able to share our vision, understand our marketing philosophy
be fully informed of our products and capabilities in detail
creating your own space of expression,
thus strengthening a relationship trust and long-term cooperation.

The franchisees concerned have the exclusivity of all our products with full rights to use
and operate a NERAIDORAMA shop.
No entry costs and other commissions!

Join us and design a "NERAIDORAMA" on your own.
NERAIDORAMA is a totally Greek business located in Piraeus and has been operating for over 14 years.

''We create You Celebrate''
Advantages of NERAIDORAMA® ™ Franchise Investing
* Dynamic & Commercial Brand
* Shop of 80 sq.m. + *appr.
* Quality products.
* Huge variety of products
* Guarantee of products & services
* Satisfaction guarantee
* Global competitive prices.
* Extremely low investment product costs.
* No minimum order.
* No commission from your sales.
* Exclusive area rights.
* Advertising on our sites www.neraidorama.com and sister site www.neraidorama.gr
* Connect with social networks Instagram Facebook Pinterest etc.
* Introducing new products on our YouTube channel
For more information send an inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happy to join us

Neraidorama team

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