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Weddings in Crete


Creta is a wonderful island with Mediterranean  flavor located in the Southern Greece.

It's a place well known for its authentic people,
unique roots and the loyalty to their traditions.
In exactly this spirit they celebrate their weddings!

They also make a smaller celebration to formalize the wedding, the engagement where they exchange rings.

Their word is a contract and they pay high importance to moral issues.
In case that parents or the family did not agree, the man used to ‘stole’ his beloved!
The matchmaking was also a way to get married


.κρητη 2


 The ‘caller’ (kalestis) was a person whose responsibility was to announce and invite the village to the wedding.
Nowadays we have the invitation papers!
The dowry of the bride is transported with a special celebration to the new house of the couple
where the unmarried girls are lain the bridal bed.

According to 
the custom, they throw a little boy in bed as a symbol of fertility. 
The guests throw to the bed money as a gift to the couple.

 On Sunday the men adorn the groom in his place and the girls the bride in her house.
The groom with traditional procession with instruments and a kind of shootings (balothies) receives his beloved
by her family and all together are going to the church. Imagine something like a mass road fiesta.
κρητη 3

 The bride takes honey from her mother-in-law and makes a cross in the door in order their life to be sweet.

The celebration is a very serious matter for the Cretans.
Traditional food and sweets, music and dance until the next day are a must!
And of course a lot of alcohol, the worldwide famous traditional drinks, tsikoudia and raki!

They are very joyful people and celebrate by heart!


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